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What is cold storage in the cryptocurrency market?

What is cold storage in the cryptocurrency market?

Cold storage in the cryptocurrency market is a very common thing, as cold storage in the crypto market is useful for those who want to keep their digital currencies for a long time.

Cold storage differs from other types of storage and storage because the crypto ecosystem is completely new and a bit difficult to understand.

Cold storage (also known as cold wallets) means the creation and storage of private keys for cryptocurrency in an offline environment. The online environment is highly vulnerable to hacking. In order to avoid such situations, it is necessary to keep digital currencies safe in an offline manner.

Best cold storage options for cryptocurrency

  1. Cryptocurrency hardware wallets (most secure): a hardware wallet is an electronic device that signs transactions through private keys that are stored offline. It also allows a refund with a spare primary key in case the device is damaged or lost. There are 4 popular hardware wallets available in the market and they are: Ledger Nano X, Ledger NanoS, Trezor, cobovault.
  2. Paper wallets: A paper wallet is the cheapest form of cold wallet available that can be easily used. A paper wallet is free to use and contains a pair of private/public keys printed on a piece of paper. In this storage method, private keys are generated offline, so you do not have to worry about security.
  3. Store the cryptocurrency in a USB drive (less secure than the previous methods): using a USB drive as a cold wallet is one of the easiest ways to store your cryptocurrency in a cold place. With this, you can export and save your private keys to a USB drive. But this option comes with some drawbacks, as anyone with access to your USB can access your cryptocurrency. In addition, USB device failures are common.
  4. Desktop Wallets: desktop wallets are wallets intended solely for your computer. They can be used to export encrypted private key files in an offline environment. Private keys are stored offline on your device

The pros and cons of cold storage options


  •       Very well safe compared to other methods.
  •       It cannot be copied or hacked.
  •       Easy to use, especially on paper.
  •       Availability in different shapes and types.


  •       Some are very expensive.
  •       Difficulty and impossibility of recovery in some cases
  •       There are hundreds of cryptocurrencies in the market now, while some of the cold wallets do not support them.
  •       The possibility of damage or burning.
  •       Difficulty preserving them in some climatic conditions and cases, especially paper wallets.

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