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Technical Analysis of Cryptocurrencies: Volume Indicator

Technical analysis of Cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrency market is gaining popularity, and as the number of investors grows, so does the number of doubts surrounding virtual money. One of the most common questions is: what is the volume of cryptocurrencies?

What is technical analysis for?

Cryptocurrency volume is a primary indicator used for the technical analysis of exchange. Therefore, before we move on to the actual volume, I would like to explain in a few sentences what technical analysis is. In general, it is a set of techniques to forecast a selected asset’s future price or rate – it can be securities, cryptocurrencies, or commodities.

The goal of technical analysis is to identify an investor’s optimal buying and selling times. Put simply, technical analysis models assume that asset prices follow a recurring pattern.

How is a technical analysis used?

Technical analysis assumes that prices follow trends and history tends to repeat itself, so based on historical data, it is possible to predict the future prices of the assets in question. The data that technical analysts use can be found in the chart.

The hardest part of the analysis is understanding and interpreting the automatically generated indicators while generating the indicators manually does not further burden the investor’s day. The information gained through the analysis gives the investor a valuable advantage over the rest of the market.

What does volume mean on a cryptocurrency exchange?

Now that we know what technical analysis is, it is time to explain what cryptocurrency volume is briefly. It is one of the most critical indicators for technical analysis of the market, depicting the activity of traders – buying and selling cryptocurrencies – in a given time frame.

Most commonly, volume is represented as green and red vertical bars on a histogram. The height of the bar reflects volume or revenue. Red volume signifies a decline on a cryptocurrency exchange, while green volume represents an increase in coin prices.

Why the cryptocurrency volume indicator is important

Volume is an indicator that makes investing in the cryptocurrency exchange easier. By definition, volume measures the intensity and degree of importance of trends in the market. Its correct analysis lets you understand the cause of price changes and indicates when investors should sell or buy cryptocurrencies.

Significantly, volume determines actual interest in financial instruments and not just apparent price fluctuations.

Cryptocurrency exchange volume is a tool used by most experienced traders. If you are serious about Bitcoin, you should check the latest cryptocurrency volume charts.

For example, higher trading volume indicates higher interest and a larger number of trading market participants. Similar to momentum, volume can give an indication of the strength behind a price move.

In this context, low trading volumes indicate few participants and less interest in the relevant underlying. Low trading volumes can therefore reveal weakness behind price action. These assumptions are some of the basic building blocks of volume trading.

Looking at the trading volume allows you to conclude the significance of a positive or negative course. This data is easy to obtain for stocks traded on a stock exchange. The traded volume is recorded for each trade and is thus included in the volume display.

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