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ClickTrade vs ING: Which of the Two Brokers is Better?

ClickTrade vs ING: Which of the Two Brokers is Better?

In this article, we will make a comparison between ING Orange Broker and ClickTrade dealing with the following aspects: commissions, markets and platforms. We compare these two brokers because both are regulated in Spain, and their use is quite widespread among national investors.

History of ClickTrade and Orange Broker ING

Click Trade History

Clicktrade is a Spanish online broker specializing in equities. It was created in 2016 and belongs to the Spanish securities company iBroker Global Markets SV, S.A. (Spanish online broker specializing in derivatives). This securities company is registered and regulated by the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) and attached to Fogain.

It offers access to more than 10,000 shares (national and international) and a wide variety of ETFs from the International Stock Exchanges: the United States, Europe and Asia. All of them are available through a set of multi-platforms. Without custody costs, maintenance expenses or minimum deposit.

History of ING Orange

The ING Orange Broker is a company that belongs to the ING Group, which is the first financial entity in the Netherlands and with great worldwide recognition. This broker allows you to invest in shares and more than 150 ETFs, so it has a wide range of first-rate professional services.

ING has been operating in Spain since 1999 as a branch of the international group and is, therefore, subject to the supervision of the Bank of the Netherlands.

Regulation and reliability of ClickTrade and ING Orange

Essential information when choosing the best broker according to our investor profile is regulation. Some countries and/or regulators are less strict than others, and this attracts certain brokers that are not recommended in the best cases and others, directly scams. To avoid this type of problem, let’s see what the regulation of the orange broker ING and Clicktrade is.

The CNMV of Spain regulates ING’s Orange broker. This corridor is integrated into the infrastructure of the ING bank, which operates with a banking license in Spain and is one of the most important banks in Europe. Therefore, it is a broker fully regulated by the CNMV and integrated into the Spanish banking system, subject to audits by the Bank of Spain.

In the case of ClickTrade, it is an online broker that belongs to iBroker Global Markets (as we have already mentioned). It provides the guarantee of confidence of a Spanish broker supervised and regulated by the CNMV and registered with FOGAIN. It follows a Balance Segregation Policy, that is, they divide the total balance of its clients in different credit institutions.

Therefore, we already have a point in favor of both brokers, as they are under the regulatory umbrella of the CNMV.

ClickTrade Markets and Product Offering

ClickTrade offers investment in stocks and derivatives.

Stocks: Invest in Spanish Stocks

You will have access to securities from the Spanish Stock Market with a single cost of 0.08% and all included with a minimum of €8, Stock Market Fees Included, custody €0, payment of dividends €0 and account maintenance and closure for €0. In addition, you will not need a minimum account.

Markets in which it operates:

  • Europe: Paris, London, Milan, Amsterdam and Frankfurt
  • Asia: Tokyo and Hong Kong


At ClickTrade, you can invest in derivatives such as Futures, Options, CFDs on shares and Indices and Forex.

  • Futures – With professional execution and a wide range of Futures.
  • Forex: Institutional Spreads. EUR/USD from 0 pip.
  • CFDs Shares and ETFs – Spain, EUR and USA upwards and downwards and without Stock Exchange fee
  • CFDs international indices and commodities with adjusted guarantees, from 1% intraday.
  • MEFF and EUREX options: real-time and Greek volatilities in all series
  • Portfolio management with automatic systems.

Offer of products and markets of ING Orange

You can only trade shares, some funds, and ETFs at ING broker. You cannot trade with other products, such as derivatives, futures and options.

Markets in which the ING Orange operates:

  • Spanish stock market: continuous market, MAB and Latibex
  • European stock market: leading European stocks included in the Euro Stoxx 50, CAC 40 (Paris), AEX 25 (Amsterdam), FTSE 100 (London), FTSE MIB (Milan), BEL 20 (Brussels) and PSI 20 (Lisbon) indices.
  • American Stock Exchange: all the values of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the NASDAQ.

Account Types

Both the orange ING broker and ClickTrade offer you two types of accounts:

  • Real accounts
  • A demo account is ideal for keeping track of those operations that you may consider interesting to carry out.


ClickTrade, in addition to the main markets (Spain, Europe, the United Kingdom and the USA), allows you to operate in Hong Kong and Canada. The commissions to operate in Hong Kong are 0.15% or a minimum 150HKD. In Canada, you have two markets whose commissions differ from one to the other.

To trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE), if the share price is greater than CAD 1, the commission is 0.05 per share; and if it is less than 1 CAD, a minimum commission of 30 CAD applies.

On the other hand, to operate in the TSX Venture Stock, 0.03 CAD per share is paid if the share price exceeds 1 and a minimum commission of 40 CAD if it is less than 1.

Broker ING Orange applies a commission of 0.2% for operations of an amount greater than 30,000 monetary units. Regarding the Euro zone, with ING you can only operate with securities listed in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, the United Kingdom, and Spain.

An important aspect of ING’s custody commission is that they do not charge a commission. Still, if not carrying out any operation during the calendar semester, €2 will be charged per type of security + VAT.

ClickTrade broker platform

Web platform for shares and derivatives is accessed via the web and has advanced charts with multiple indicators and technical analysis tools. Subscriptions can be managed to see real-time and depth in the respective markets. You can bookmark your favourite contracts to speed up future access to them.

PC Platform Stocks: ClicTrade Pro

It offers real-time pricing, price and execution alerts, market reports, and advanced orders. It has advanced charts with many work tools, indicators, chart types and elements to manage orders.

The interface is easy to use and is configurable in up to 6 screens.

Mobile platform: App

Access to your positions is immediate, you will receive notifications, and the price is displayed in real-time. The workspaces and lists of values are customisable, and it is possible to use the same graphic tools of the web platform.

ING Orange Broker Platform

The most important point of the ING orange broker is that it allows you to have all your money centralised in one place since it is a bank and a broker simultaneously. However, this is only one of its positive points since we must also highlight the following characteristics:

  • Market information on the Spanish stock market in real-time with a minimum of quarterly operations.
  • Weekly reports, which include expert recommendations and historical charts.
  • Configuration of alerts for our trading strategies.

On the other hand, the ING Orange Broker mobile App is also noteworthy, which is compatible with Android and Apple iOS.

ING has added a virtual wallet to its broker. This tool allows us to learn to invest or test our investment strategies without using real money but by building a virtual portfolio. This solution is practical when you are starting to invest and want to do successive tests of strategies without risking your money.

The ING ETF Finder is a powerful tool for all investors who want to look closely at the ETFs in their portfolio. Through this selector, we can search by index, market, country or category, such as consumer, technology or health ETFs, although those focused on sustainability stand out mainly.

ING has up to 150 ETFs, many of which are from the world’s leading managers, including Lyxor and iShares.

Clicktrade vs ING broker: Conclusion

Regarding the issue of commissions, they are similar in both brokers since although the ING commissions seem cheaper from the outset, it is Clicktrade who offers additional services without extra commissions, which ING requires to provide to you for free.

On the other hand, about the platform, while Clicktrade presents a more professionalised trading platform aimed at more experienced investors, ING’s Orange Broker has a simple and intuitive platform, and very appropriate for beginner investors. . In addition, and perhaps most notably at this point, it also has a DEMO account so that investors can do their little tests without using real money.

And one last note is that for all those investors who want to carry out some active management of their investment portfolio but without having to open an account on other sites because they prefer the convenience of having all their financial information centralised in one place, ING is a better option, since it can be your bank, at the same time as your broker, and also, with a very acceptable commission policy.

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